Identifying and training best practices in residential orphan care

Who We Are

We believe that every child should be raised in a supportive and loving family, and every community should fight to ensure that this is the reality for as many children as possible. We recognize that, for a variety of reasons, some children will grow up in alternative care. We assert that these children should be raised in a setting that closely approximates a supportive and loving family environment.
Leadership: David Z. Nowell — Executive Director
David is an experienced leader in the fields of nonprofit fundraising and management. He spent most of his professional career as a senior administrator at several Christian colleges. David values research, and he understands how to get from the theoretical to the practical. A speaker and author, David holds a Ph.D. in historical theology from Baylor University.

Meredith Norton — Program Director
Meredith leads program development and implementation. She believes that raising a child is a sacred responsibility, and she is a constant advocate for the rights of orphans and vulnerable children. Meredith knows that the most effective training is holistic, and she enjoys gleaning best practices from all possible disciplines.